Compound Fertilizer

To meet requirements for agricultural production in China, SinoFert provides imported fertilizers and domestic high-quality compound fertilizers.

In terms of imported fertilizers, SinoFert tends to import sources of compound fertilizers from all countries in the world, which mainly include ternary compound fertilizers from Russia, Norway, Finland, Belgium, etc. The products are favorable and popular among farmers.

In terms of domestic fertilizers, SinoFert asks its production corporations in the country to produce series of compound fertilizers that are suitable to requirements from different markets and plants. The production corporations include factories that produce high-density phosphorous compound fertilizers like SinoFert Zhisheng, SinoFert Dongfang, SinoFert Shandong Fertilizer Industry, SinoFert Kailin, SinoFert Peiling, etc. Up to now, SinoFert has developed nearly 60 types of compound fertilizers and mixed fertilizers according to different climates, soils, planting practices in different areas of the country.

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