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Safe, convenient and low-cost logistics system

Safe, convenient and low-cost logistics system. Through nearly 10 years of research and practice, Sinofert has established a professional logistics management team with more than 700 people. 600 allotment warehouses and delivery warehouses constitute a hierarchical warehouse network supporting the distribution network and having the fertilize storage capacity of over 4 million tons. A “safe, convenient, and low-cost” integrated agricultural materials logistics system has been set up.

Convenient logistics service. Sinofert has continuously promoted its cooperation with professional logistics companies, intensified its regional delivery functions, improved its network delivery capacity, and customize its logistics service solutions according to customer’s features and service needs, provide multiple service modes to offer convenient logistics service for customers.

Low-cost logistics operation. While ensuring fast development of business, Sinofert carries out innovation with regard to the operating mode of logistics proactively, and through having a helpful try of “loading in bulk, unloading in bulk, storing in bulk, and transporting in bulk” , has improved the mechanization level, reduced labor cost, saved packing cost, and improved storage and delivery efficiency.

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