In 2003, Sinofert launched a nationwide “three sends” campaign, aiming to “send science and technology, send fertilizers and send services” to the countryside. The campaign provided farmers’ with solutions to identify fake or low quality fertilizers, supplied farmers good quality agricultural inputs, gave lecturers of balanced fertilizer application at site.

In 2006, Sinofert started the Sinofert Scientific Fertilization Pilot Village Program all around China, providing personalized customer service. Participating villages received a variety of services from Sinofert, including agricultural technology lectures and free soil testing services. By the end of 2008, over 1,100 pilot villages have been established, receiving lecturers and guidance from agronomic experts.

In 2008, Sinofert worked with the Ministry of Agriculture to promote scientific fertilizer application and establish Household Agricultural Technology Pilot Village, helping farmers to improve crop planting returns through handing out science promotion booklets, providing site instructions. By the end of 2008, the program had established 114 pilot villages and 1,140 pilot households at 38 counties around China.

In 2009, Sinofert became the only strategic cooperation partner for this national project and will continue to enrich the content and coverage of the Access of Science and Technology to Farmers service.

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