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15-year old fertilizer store trusts in Sinochem Chelate fertilizer while reshaping its business

Date:2015-08-07     source:Henan Daily

Competition in agricultural raw material sector is getting fierce. In the context of the integration of the sector, companies and stores are all looking for breakthroughs. However, whether the products can reach the farmers depends on the grass-root dealers. While faced with such changes, the re-shaping of the dealers is critical. On Jul. 18, in Rendian Town of Queshan County, Gao Changhua, the owner of a 15-year old agricultural material store explained to the reporter on his process of reshaping his store. He believes in grasping the market share by selling high-end products. His rich experience makes him take Sinochem’s chelate fertilizer as first choice.

      Gao believes that in the past, farmers preferred cheap fertilizers. But nowadays, more and more growers have seen the benefit of quality fertilizers He has many loyal customers and in the process of reshaping his business, he has decided to choose more high-end products and Sinochem’s chelate fertilizer has become the best fit for him. Gao said that there was high value in the big brands, because usually tend to accept such products more easily due to the good reputation and the good effect.
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